Local indulgence Trail

Image_Family visiting Beenleigh Historical Village

Indulge in Rum, Chocolates, Honey and Strawberries while meandering through the sweeping southern agricultural region of the City of Logan.

Industrial Gourmet Cave Trail

Image_Friends catching up at Extraction Artisan Roastery and Cafe

Tucked away in the industrial back streets of Slacks Creek in the City of Logan, a foodie revolution is taking place. From coffee roasteries, to breweries, to multicultural culinary delights, the traditional industries once dominant in these side streets and laneways are now competing with a new kind of grinding, and more aromatic compounds filling the air.

Global food forage

Image_Lady doing grocery shopping

Join us in the multicultural food capital of Queensland and experience a unique food fusion that offers deep insights into the diverse cultural fabric that makes up the City of Logan.

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