Mountain Bike Riding in Logan

Plan your next Mountain Bike Adventure in Logan!

The City of Logan is home to some incredible Mountain Bike trails! Whether it’s in Daisy Hill, Cornubia, or Spring Mountain, there are numerous trails catering to riders of all skill levels.
Below, we’ve highlighted three primary areas with fantastic mountain bike trails, offering maps, informational links, and local insights on nearby attractions to explore!
Experience different and plan your next mountain biking adventure in Logan!

Daisy Hill Conservation Park

Daisy Hill Conservation Park boasts an array of  mountain biking trails, ranging from dedicated mountain bike only tracks to shared trails for all to enjoy. Considered a paradise for beginner mountain bike riders dipping their toes into the world of mountain biking, Daisy Hill Conservation Park offers an unparalleled experience.

While you’re there, be sure to explore the fantastic sections of the park, such as the Old Quarry, offering a serene water hole where you can pause, relax, and soak in the tranquillity.

The park features eucalypt forests, melaleuca wetlands, and pockets of lowland rainforest which provide habitats for possums, gliders, powerful owls, glossy black-cockatoos, swamp and red-necked wallabies, as well as various reptiles and avian species! Also nestled within this breathtaking park lies the renowned Daisy Hill Koala Centre, an absolute must-visit for nature and wildlife lovers! 


Trails: In the Logan area of Daisy Hill Conservation Park, there is 7 mountain bike trails totalling 17.9 km. The park borders on to Redlands, expanding the trail network even more. Learn more here.

Location: Accessing Daisy Hill Conservation Park is done so by entering Daisy Hill Road. For those seeking an alternative entrance, Underwood Park offers another gateway, adjacent to the amazing Chung Tian Temple, adding a cultural experience to your adventure! 

For young ones or beginners, Underwood Park hosts its very own Mountain Bike Hub! This hub includes a pump track, skills park, and trails park, providing a brief mountain bike trail course perfect for getting started. You can learn more here.

Things to do nearby:

Discover a variety of dining options and exciting activities to enjoy during your visit to Daisy Hill Conservation Park! We’ve conveniently marked these on the map to your right for effortless planning.

Cornubia Forest Park

Cornubia Forest Park is highly favoured among intermediate to advanced mountain bike enthusiasts! This outstanding park boasts a variety of advanced mountain bike trails, now interconnected with Daisy Hill via Kimberley Forest Park. This is where you can find the popular Nirvana Trail which can be accessed from Red Road!

Its challenging and diverse offering of trails makes it a popular top choice for visitors from Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Renowned for its diverse green, blue, and black trails, it caters to riders seeking various elevations and challenges. For an exhilarating experience that gets your heart pumping, Cornubia Forest Park is the ultimate destination in Logan!


Trails: 11 mountain bike trails totalling 16.63km

Location: Cornubia Forest Park does not provide designated parking spaces. Parking to access the trails can be found on Parkview Crescent, Cornubia.

Things to do nearby:

Explore a variety of activities, along with fantastic cafes and eateries in Cornubia while you’re in the vicinity! Plan your adventure with ease using the map we’ve crafted, pinpointing each location for your convenience.

Spring Mountain Forest Park

Did you know that Logan boasts 70% green space? Our city beckons with a variety of areas out west waiting for your exploration! Spring Mountain Forest Park is one such gem, nestled on the border with Ipswich. These trails cater to intermediate to advanced mountain bike riders, presenting challenging routes for seasoned enthusiasts!

Embark on a journey along its 9km network of trails located in Logan’s suburb of Greenbank. Please note that these trails are also frequented by hikers and horse riders, so be mindful and share the paths courteously with everyone!

Spring Mountain promises exhilarating routes, making it advisable to check out reviews on Trailforks, conveniently linked below!


Trails: In the Logan area, there are 6 mountain bike trails totalling in 9.01km of trails. The park borders on to Ipswich, expanding the trail network even more. Learn more here.

Location: Access to the mountain bike trails starts at Thornbill Drive in Greenbank. 

Things to do nearby:

Make the most of your time exploring the hidden country treasures of Logan’s western area – Greenbank! Discover the charm of Jimboomba’s delightful retail shops and cafes, or consider Remy, a cabin-style accommodation option nearby where you can take a leisurely cycle around this working cattle farm. Your next mountain bike journey in Spring Mountain Forest Park promises a variety of hidden experiences just waiting to be uncovered!

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