Global Food Forage

Join us in the multicultural food capital of Queensland and experience a unique food fusion that offers deep insights into the diverse cultural fabric that makes up the City of Logan.

Discover how to tap into fascinating new flavours as you enjoy your delicious half-day of cultural feasting on a Global Food Forage. Have a recipe in mind as you take a self-guided journey through the markets and nearby local grocery stores, where you can find all the items you will need to cook up a storm when you get home.

Feel like you are crossing continents as you enter the fresh food markets of Cambodia and Vietnam. Pause awhile amidst the vibrant African street stalls of South Sudan and Congo. Discover an extensive variety of locally grown fruit and vegetables that fill the flavoursome recipes of south east Asian, Pacific Islander and African cuisine. 

Pack your bags with fresh Afghan breads, exotic Indian spices and south-east Asian delicacies from the variety of grocery stores surrounding the market.

When your bags are full with the potential of new culinary discoveries, adventure across Station Road and enter into the vibrant street food markets of Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar and Singapore to pick up brunch. Be drawn in by the fragrances coming from the flavoursome Burundi barbeque, and revive with a cup of strong, sweet and milky Vietnamese dark-roasted coffee. 

Visit the Global Food Market.

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