How to nurture your mind, body and spirit in the City of Logan

Imge_3 ladies sitting on the floor at Chung Tian Temple

There’s no shortage of big events and things to do in Logan but sometimes… all that yin needs a little yang. If you’re looking for experiences that take you on more of an inner journey—from wandering through the peaceful grounds of a Buddhist temple to kayaking along a gentle stretch of river— the City of … Read more

Big skies and green space: Your guide to Logan’s great outdoors

Image_Couple exploring Logan Green Space

You might be keen to experience the adrenalin-rush of Logan’s mountain bike trails or the serenity of an early morning tee-off (kookaburras excepted). Maybe you’d rather take a relaxed stroll through pristine natural wetlands … no matter how you love to enjoy nature, there are plenty of ways to get out and about in the … Read more

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