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Music: Up beat music

Text on screen: Explore Logan’s adventurous side!

Description: Overhead shot of trees and man mountain biking. Go karts racing around a go kart track. People on BMX bikes do jumps and tricks in BMX park before smiling and bumping fists. Wakeboarder does a flip over a jump in a water park. 

Text on screen: Global flavours.

Description: Food cooked under flame before being finished in a bowl. Skewers are cooked over open flame. Woman in market stall smiles and laughs. Couple smile and laugh over drinks at bar. 

Text on screen: Cultural stories. 

Description: Indigenous dancers perform. Man and child hold hands and smile while walking. Family smile and children run towards Mayes Cottage stairs. Child picks up item inside Mayes Cottage and smiles. Couple walk into temple and have traditional tea. 

Text on screen: Green pockets.

Description: Person kayaks on lake. Birds swim in water as person runs beside them on pathway. Man swings club on gold green. A boy and girl ride their bicycles over red bridge. 

Text on screen: Eats & Beats!

Description: Crowd gathered in front of Eats and Beats sign as sun goes down. Couple dance on stage. Man sings on stage. Food trucks serve food to large crowds. Children sitting at a table smile and eat food. 

Text on screen: Hidden gems!

Description: Overview of distillery from above. Man touches barrel as he walks through shed. Woman walks through shopping centre. Couple smile and chat.

Text on screen: Experience different. Explore Logan. www.explorelogan.com.au

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